Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's the balance of thoughts, its the...colours to life.

Driving through downtown in a car with foggy windows, the feeling felt much different than all those times I've walked through the city I love. There was a sense of nostalgia latching itself onto the memories of the place that my friends and I have explored and familiarized ourselves with over the years. It was that feeling that after the night ended, I would be saying my first goodbye to one of my friends.

Pushing sentimentality aside, we embraced life after hours, occasionally shouting the lyrics to songs of the top 40's, hanging out with a particularly hyper dog, visiting the drive thru at In n Out, and creating a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pizza with cups at Verde Tea Café.

Life came to us in an extravagance of colors: the dark cloak the sky wore at night, the city lights, the empty streets, and most importantly, the pale green walls in the room of a friend who is now on her way to Boston.

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