Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The sun can't burn away our sins, don't forgive me.


(All photos taken at Mission Peak)

Lately, I keep quoting Craft Spells. I can't seem to get enough of their summery tunes and beautiful lyrics. This post's title, by the way, is from "From the Morning Heat" by Craft Spells.

One of the first things I did when I got my Canon EOS Rebel Sl1 was take it with me on a morning hike. It captured one of the most enlightening moments I had ever experienced. After a long trek, entirely uphill, in a sheet of morning fog, we knew we had reached the peak of the mountain. Intuition was not the indicator, but rather, the sunlight. It felt like we were a million miles closer to the sun once we emerged out of the thick fog. When I say "thick," I mean, up to the point where you could not see what was in front or behind you. Not to mention, droplets formed on our hair as well. Nevertheless, I couldn't have wished for any better conditions because being trapped in the fog made reaching the top of Mission Peak so much more rewarding.

And so, as I sat in my warmly lit room, I let the smooth melodies of Craft Spells sway me, letting the night pass into morning, the hours change until they signified an entirely new day. As time stopped for no one, I left my restless mind to what it did best: exploring into the depths of the world that curiously, continuously spun without hesitation.

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